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Laura Grossman, Chico, CA
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Maren Sampson, Martinez, CA
Alan T Ford, San Rafael, CA
Barry Fiegel, Oklahoma City, OK
Sharon Hoppler, Fair Oaks, CA
Richard Stein, Sacramento, CA
Patty Connaughton, Rancho Cordova, CA
Douglas Regalia, Danville, CA
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Linda Stuart, Hershey, PA
William Gillard, River Forest, IL
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Steve Greenberg, Tempe, AZ
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Rick Sterner, Sacramento, CA
A Harcourt, Davis, CA
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Susan Sawyer, Sacramento, CA
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Tyler Riggers, Los Angeles, CA
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Diana Frances, Carson City, NV
John Sibbet, Sacramento, CA
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Stephen Bacharach, San Diego, CA
Catherine Nanda, Needham, MA

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— James Israel
Editor, Humor Times