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The Humor Times magazine is “The World’s Funniest News Source” – reviewing the news each month in hilarious fashion! Since 1991, this hard-hitting political satire monthly has featured the very best in comically irreverent takes on the news, politics and media celebrities.

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Humor Times cover

Recent back issue: September, 2021

Click on image to view in "Flip Page" format. Please be patient, the file is large – full of high-resolution cartoons for your viewing pleasure! Or download PDF file directly (view with Adobe Reader):

To view the issue:

Simply click on the image to view in "flip page" format. This lets you view the publication with a "magazine feel" on your computer or device.

If you want to download the PDF file and view it using Adobe Reader, use the button provided below the image. Please be patient while it downloads, it is a large file (typically about 20 megabytes).

Note on format: The Humor Times magazine is printed on newsprint on a web press, and we format it as a quarter-fold, which means the front cover is half the size of the opened magazine (see diagram). So, to create this web version, we place the back cover as a separate page at the end, creating a 21 page publication, and rotate the resulting front & rear pages to the proper vertical orientation. This is why they both appear as shorter pages than the rest of the publication.